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Bavaria has its league in the clasp: Will the next march through follow?

Is the next Bayern march through threatening the Bundesliga? Under Neo-Coach Kovac, the Munich star ensemble is heading for its seventh championship title in a row. But there is hope for a little more excitement.

Munich – For six years now, FC Bayern has been holding the Bundesliga in a tight grip. Before the start of the 56th season, the German upper house is now hoping for an end to Munich’s dominance. Even if the record champion with ÖFB team player David Alaba is once again the favourite with fans and most experts in the new season, there are still arguments against another low-tension march through of Bavaria.

That speaks for the Bavarians

IMPULSE GIVER: The new Bayern coach Niko Kovac is burning with ambition. After Carlo Ancelotti and veteran Jupp Heynckes, who are too cozy, the 46-year-old sets fresh stimuli and wants to repay the trust of the Bayern bosses with titles. His advantage: Kovac knows the rules of the famous Bayern cabin from player times and knows how to deal with the sensitivities of the stars. The 5:0 in the Supercup against his old employer Eintracht Frankfurt was a sign that Kovac got his team up and running quickly. “It is worked hard and again on discipline attached great importance , praises president Uli Hoeneß. Kovac is the “right coach”.

WM-WUT: Bavaria’s big DFB national players faction around Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller are eager to prove themselves again after the messed up WM. The league could feel the effects of this. The Russian debacle serves as a motivational injection for the sometimes monotonous everyday life.

TORMASCHINE: He wanted to leave. But now Robert Lewandowski just keeps shooting for the Bayern goals on the assembly line. Three in the Supercup, one in the Cup – the Pole remains at least nationally the guarantor of success for the Munich team. Lewandowski is a model professional and will not let himself be deterred from scoring by the annoyance of shattered changeover dreams.

MIA SAN MIA: The championship title is part of Bavaria’s self-image. The team is enormously experienced, in all positions with outstanding class occupied. Also on weaker days the ripped off residents of Munich in the federal league are hardly to be conquered, particularly since the quality of the competition in Germany elite class left last often to be desired. The permanent burden of three competitions is a matter of habit for Munich. And the infamous Bayern-Dusel helps in case of need.

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That speaks against the Bavarians

STILFRAGE: The Bavarian hunters can consider the flaccid 1:0 at the fourth league team Drochtersen/Assel in the trophy as encouragement. The amateurs showed how to rob the Munichers of their fun and strengths with a lot of passion and clever defensive. The defeat in the cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt and also the recent World Cup showed that the ball possession football shaped by Pep Guardiola with the record champion no longer necessarily leads to success. Coach Kovac has yet to prove whether he can teach the Bavarians other stylistic devices.

HAMMERSTART: Looking at the match schedule, one can only hope that the Bavarians will not be left behind at the beginning of autumn. The opening match against Julian Nagelsmann’s Hoffenheim team, who also won the cup 6-1 in Kaiserslautern with a weak substitute, is a danger of stumbling. This will be followed by a guest appearance at VfB Stuttgart, in May 4:1 winner in Munich. Bayer Leverkusen and runners-up FC Schalke 04 test the Bavarians on match days three and four. These starting weeks could pose problems for the defending champion. Elf Slots will take you on a euphoric journey of amazing games and marvellous offers.

TRANSFERGEIZ: The Bavarians have foregone top shopping. They have only invested ten million euros in the talent of Alphonso Davies. The 17-year-old Canadian will come on January 1, 2019. The New Leon Goretzka and Serge Gnabry must first assert themselves. The mental monster Arturo Vidal let the Munich players go to Barcelona, in Jerome Boateng and Sebastian Rudy two German national players could say goodbye. It is questionable whether Franck Ribery (35) and Arjen Robben (34) will once again be able to play healthy and at their best. If you want, you can discover a few possible weak points in the Munich team.

JAGDFIEBER: Borussia Dortmund has spent a lot of money on new personnel such as Belgium’s World Cup winner Axel Witsel and Lucien Favre, a coach who is regarded as a tactical chestnut and a better man. The Schalkers have also invested in their squad and tied their successful coach Domenico Tedesco for the long term. RB Leipzig is again driven by Ralf Rangnick. Julian Nagelsmann even talks about the championship title before his last year in Hoffenheim, but names the Leverkusen team as his favourite. Because at some point the series of the Bavarians must end. So why not this year?

Sporting Lisbon on the abyss: lions fight for survival

Mismanagement, a populist president and ultra-attacks pushed Sporting to the brink of ruin. Now the youth club of Cristiano Ronaldo is germinating new hope.

Lisbon – For years, Sporting Lisbon was regarded as the flagship of Portuguese football. As a club where Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo learned to play football, the Portuguese earned themselves the reputation of a European talent factory. But now the lions are threatening to sink into chaos. The blame is attributed above all to a man who is known as the “Donald Trump” of Portuguese football.

When Benfica Lisbon receives its city rival Sporting at the Estadio da Luz this Saturday, Portugal’s capital will once again be paralysed by the derby. It is not only a traditional, but also a top duel, because both teams together with FC Porto have dominated the sporting events in the Primeira League for decades.

But Benfica and Sporting are now worlds apart. While the Eagles (Benfica) won four of the last five championships, the Lions won their 22nd and last titles 16 years ago. In addition, Sporting experienced months of chaos, ultra-attacks, star dismissals and kicks. In short: proud Sporting fights for survival.

Jose Peseiro Honours


  • Portuguese Second Division: 1999–00
  • AF Madeira Cup: 2001–02


  • UEFA Cup: Runner-up 2004–05


  • Taça da Liga: 2012–13

Al Ahly

  • Egyptian Premier League: 2015–16


  • Taça de Portugal: Runner-up 2015–16

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No more salaries in November?

Also in economic terms. “It’s possible that the club won’t be able to pay the players’ salaries in November,” warned Jose Maria Ricciardi recently. The 63-year-old entrepreneur and banker, whose great uncle Jose Alvalade co-founded the club in 1906 and gave his name to the club stadium, is one of the seven candidates in the presidential election scheduled for 8 September. His words remained unchallenged because they are probably accurate. Two of the club’s three accounts have already been seized because of debts of at least 40 million euros to suppliers and other unknown liabilities to the Treasury and Social Security, according to recent media reports.

The problems of the “green-whites” are by no means only of a financial nature. After several years of confusion, the situation dramatically deteriorated on May 15 of this year. At that time, numerous masked hooligans entered the dressing room at the training ground in Alcochete near Lisbon after a series of poor results. Armed with sticks and belts, they beat several players and coaches. “We all feared for our lives,” wrote national goalkeeper Rui Patricio in a letter.

According to the prevailing opinion, the club “owes” the fact that it could come to this point to the then club boss Bruno de Carvalho. The 46-year-old entrepreneur had criticised the professionals unusually harshly in the spring after the Aus Sportings in the quarter-finals of the Europa League against Atletico Madrid and even suspended 19 players. De Carvalho lifted the internal suspension after a short time, but continued his harsh public criticism after losing points in the league. In doing so, he “motivated” the hooligans to attack, the media said.

The Donald Trump of Portugal

The former club president Jose Roquette, the US newspaper “Politico”, the British newspaper “The Independent” and many others agree: “De Carvalho is the Donald Trump of Portuguese football”. Like the US president, the entrepreneur, who was elected Sporting Boss in 2013 and confirmed in office in 2017, is criticised as a “populist” who does not shy away from speeches and actions.

On 23 June, the “Presidente” was prematurely voted out of office at an extraordinary general meeting of almost 15,000 club members with more than 70 percent of the votes and replaced by interim president Jose Sousa Cintra. However, the club is still suffering from the consequences of the mismanagement and the actions of De Carvalho. After the hooligan attack, coach Jorge Jesus and several professionals terminated their contracts. Prime Slots offers a great range of games.

In the meantime, however, hope arose quietly. The new coach Jose Peseiro, who reached the UEFA Cup final with Sporting in 2005, seems to have formed a solid team around the European Champion Nani (31), who returned after many years. According to a report in the specialist newspaper “Record“, Brazilian ex-star Roberto Carlos will be signing as head of sports in the next few days. “Sporting is opening a new page and I think it’s going to be very good,” Fernandes is convinced.

ÖFB kickers are very popular in Germany

Austria has the largest delegation of legionnaires in the German Bundesliga, ahead of world champions France. Adi Hütter holds up the red-white-red coach’s flag at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Innsbruck – The red-white-red field in the German Bundesliga is approaching the 30-mark. In the previous season, 25 Austrian footballers were in the squads of the first division clubs before the league kick-off, but the number has now risen to a new record of 28. Austria thus has the largest contingent of legionnaires ahead of France (23).

The Austrian Armada in the German House of Lords has grown considerably this summer – even though this was only partially the case on the transfer market. Only LASK goalkeeper Pavao Pervan from the domestic Bundesliga went to VfL Wolfsburg as number two.

Within Germany, former U21 team player Philipp Mwene from second division relegator Kaiserslautern was drawn to Mainz 05 by Hanover centre-back Kevin Wimmer from England. The ÖFB-Internationale was lent by Stoke City for a season, Hannover also has a purchase option. Philipp Lienhart has remained, who has been hired by Real Madrid from SC Freiburg.

The Austrian contingent became bigger with the promotion of 1. FC Nuremberg and Fortuna Düsseldorf. Georg Margreitter and Lukas Jäger are under contract with the Nürnbergers, Fortuna took Kevin Stöger from Bochum. The Upper Austrian, who was trained at VfB Stuttgart, will be almost 25 years old when his first minutes in the first league come.

Georg Teigl Honours

Red Bull Salzburg

  • Austrian Bundesliga: 2011–12
  • Austrian Cup: 2011–12


  • Austrian Bundesliga: 2010–11, 2012–13

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Augsburg number one

The biggest Austrian delegation will be FC Augsburg with Martin Hinteregger, Kevin Danso, Michael Gregoritsch and Georg Teigl. They are followed by runners-up Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Werder Bremen, each with three ÖFB legionnaires. In the coming days, it will be seen to what extent there will still be additions and retirements in the clubs. The German transfer window closes on 31 August at 18.00 o’clock. 10Bet is a relatively old gambling site that offers both a casino and a sportsbook.

The number of Austrians in the neighbouring country is rising continuously. In 2008/09 there were only six Austrian professionals earning their money in the first German league. Martin Harnik (now Bremen) and Ramazan Özcan (Leverkusen) are still with them this year. In 2010/11, 16 Austrian professionals were already in action. Last year, Austria took first place in the league-wide legionnaire statistics for the first time.

The coaching squad has decimated. Ralph Hasenhüttl is history at Leipzig, Peter Stöger is currently without an employer after the end of his engagement in Dortmund. However, the duo continues to enjoy a good reputation in Germany. The only Austrian in the position of head coach is Adi Hütter, who had a more than mixed start with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Surveillance Woes: Popular Rumors on How We Are Watched Online

Our technology has sufficiently grown to allow us to stay in touch no matter where we went. If we wanted to travel the world and tell our friends about it, social media made it very possible to do so. However, in the convenience of things, a lot of people have taken their safety for granted. A lot of individuals have bad online habits and without fully realizing it, expose themselves and their loved ones to dangers.

Surveillance Trouble

man typing on a laptop 1218 559 - Surveillance Woes: Popular Rumors on How We Are Watched Online

In recent years, a lot of people have obtained reports of various governments—particularly their own—making use of the web to keep track of the habits of their citizens. When someone goes online to post about their opinions, it seems the “Big Brother” is carefully logging all our information and in some cases, profit from them.

For example, social media platforms like Facebook are still a form of business. The do need to make profits. They make those profits by running ads. You may notice that your ads seem to always be relevant to something that you’ve recently looked up on a search engine and that is not at all a coincidence.

Social media platforms willfully log and collate your information and sell them to companies which want to target you specifically. Targeted marketing is one of the more effective marketing campaigns which can ensure businesses that client engagement isn’t just about clicks—they turn into actual purposes as well.

With this being a fact of life, what can you as a technology user do?

Smart Habits

It all boils down to smart habits. To give you a better chance at securing your privacy, here are a few tips for you:

Make Your Profiles Private

crop man working with laptop 23 2147689387 - Surveillance Woes: Popular Rumors on How We Are Watched Online

If you must have a social media page, you must make sure that the information you put up there cannot be accessed by strangers. There are setting that you can tweak which make it impossible for people who are not your friends to access that information.

Turn Off Location Tracker on Your Phone

security background with mobile phone and padlock 23 2147627250 - Surveillance Woes: Popular Rumors on How We Are Watched Online

Every phone will always have a location tracker. Apps tell you that they need it in order to better serve you. They actually do that so that they can better plot your purchasing habits and where you are specifically so that they can better target you with relevant ads.

Never Use Unsecured Networks

aerial view of woman using computer laptop and a smartphone on wooden table 53876 9101 - Surveillance Woes: Popular Rumors on How We Are Watched Online

It can be quite tempting to make use of free and public Wi-Fi spots. What a lot of people may not realize is that their information can be accessed if they log onto such networks.

The online world is really great but it should be used with both eyes open. Surveillance isn’t just something that is perpetrated by governments. They are also done by criminals that would love to just obtain your private information so that they can either steal your identity or directly steal from your bank account. It’s a crazy world out there and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are always safe in it.

What are your safety habits when it comes to avoiding surveillance online?

The Power of Visuals: How Technology Has Drastically Changed Conferences

Everyone has a different way of learning. If you are an educator, you will know right away what we are referring to. There are visual learners among us and they are some of the people that have greatly benefitted from the power granted to visuals.

Our technology isn’t just about the better cars that we drive or how fast it takes us to warm something that’s been cold in the fridge for hours. A lot of the time, the most drastic change that we’ve seen our technology take is through visuals! This is something that has greatly impacted conferences as a whole.

The Past

close up of male executive reading sticky notes 1170 1926 - The Power of Visuals: How Technology Has Drastically Changed Conferences

It was not strange at all back then for conferences to be more about speaking rather than showing people. It was quite difficult to really render things on a digital scale. Our video technology wasn’t as advanced back then so there were a lot of errors that tended to happen on a fairly regular basis. It was quite disastrous for some instances.

Back then, if a person was attending a conference, they really needed to stay silent and listen hard since discussions were often fast and everything was primarily auditory.

The Present

business people posing smiling in a meeting room 1262 814 - The Power of Visuals: How Technology Has Drastically Changed Conferences

In the world that we have now, everything is al about the visual impact. The screens that we have built for ourselves come alive in color. They also seem like they’re jumping out into our actual plane of existence. When it comes to conferences, it is no longer just about someone giving a talk. Nowadays talks can be prerecorded and can be enhanced because of the technology that we now possess.

This has greatly helped people who have often struggled to keep up with discussions and panels. People in conferences make it a point to provide specific points of information through a digital screen so that everyone can keep up with the present point of discussion.

The Future

business executive applauding during a video conference 1170 1921 1 - The Power of Visuals: How Technology Has Drastically Changed Conferences

The future of conferences is really exciting to think about. The technology of today is nice but the technology that we and our children will get to enjoy is even better. There is much focus on the land of virtual realty and even augmented reality. We feel that conferences will take a leap into the future and they will no longer just be contained to the hall that they are being held.

We are truly excited for things to come—especially when the visual improvements are only going to get better. It’s not only the realm of visual which will enjoy a significant boost! We’re pretty darn sure that the audio, actual presentations and the other things that make conferences such a treat to go to shall improve as well. In your opinion, how has technology improved the realm of conferences? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Tools You Can Use to Better Improve Your World

One of the best things about conferences is that it lets you get closer towards people who have some pretty unique and useful perspectives on life and certain topics. When it comes to the topic of technology, it is places like technology centered conferences will let you meet and listen to the interesting and truly helpful words of keynote speakers that can share different points of view.

Different Perspectives

business adviser analyzing financial figures denoting the progress in the work of the company 1423 97 - The Tools You Can Use to Better Improve Your World

In one of the previously held conferences, a keynote speaker by the name of Jamais Cascio gave a pretty rousing talk. He discussed the idea that people are equipped with and are generally given the necessary tools that they can use to better improve their world. This was something that we wanted to explore.


a person taking notes from the presentation 53876 11965 - The Tools You Can Use to Better Improve Your World

It gave us something to really think about—whether or not we did have the tools to affect our world or our lives. The term ‘world’ is quite large. It can encompass the literal sense as it refers to the planet we live on or it could be something not quite as literal as that. Our world can be affected by our decisions and our actions and we were curious to see if we had the tools that Cascio referred to.


pexels photo 955450 - The Tools You Can Use to Better Improve Your World

This is a no brainer. Of course, we have technology. We use it everyday. Of course, this also means that we had to look at the bigger picture altogether. How did the production and utilization of technology affect the world that we live in? How does it affect our lives in general? How do we make use of the technology that we have to positively impact our world?

Strength of Character

pexels photo 1181355 - The Tools You Can Use to Better Improve Your World

This was quite surprising to say the least. It is not everyday that we are made to question whether or not we carried the strength of character that is necessary to affect positive change in our lives. However, a lot of the time this is the case. A lot of people end up making bad decisions because they lack the gumption to stick to the straight and narrow path. They feel like taking shortcuts because it is perceived as easier but not necessarily healthier.

The very idea that our world can be shaped by things that we have around us—particularly referring to technology—is quite compelling. A lot of the time people like to blame their circumstances on events that they feel they had no control over. While that can be true for some of the time, it is statistically impossible for that to be true 100% of the time. People do need to take responsibility for the state of their existence. After all, the only true factor that they can control in that situation is them.

In your opinion, do you have the tools to better improve your world? What tools can you think of?

Where Can You Learn More About Conference Schedules?

Technology centered conferences are one of the best places to learn more about actual technology and its many applications in the world of business and in our private lives. With that vein of thought, we received a lot of questions about where people could learn more about conference schedules. We’re actually glad that people asked since now we can discuss this.


Conferences don’t just pop out of the blue. They are carefully planned and carefully executed. It takes several months and even a full year to put together. The best conferences in the world often happen annually and it progressively gets better as the years go by.

So where do you learn more about them and their schedules?

Sign Up for Newsletters

newspapers - Where Can You Learn More About Conference Schedules?

When you manage to attend a conference, you will have a registration booth at the very entrance. You can choose to give over your email address to be the recipient of newsletters. This can really help you keep track of that particular conference brand and other affiliated businesses. They will normally update their audiences about any upcoming events that are associated with them.

Anyone who is looking forward to attending another conference that they enjoyed can find out more about it by paying attention to the newsletters that they get on a periodic manner.

Follow Relevant Social Media Accounts

woman using mobile phone social media concept 23 2147844518 - Where Can You Learn More About Conference Schedules?

If there was anything that we can take advantage of today, it is the availability of information that is spread through social media. A lot of big businesses that attend conferences or symposiums all make it very clear to their supporters and consumers that they will be taking part of certain events in the future. This ensures better instances for interaction with those who are interested in their brand.

So if you’re one who likes to attend conferences and would like to take part of it again in the future, this would be a good step for you to do.

Check Out Official Websites

worker reading news with tablet 1162 83 - Where Can You Learn More About Conference Schedules?

Big conferences will always have official websites so interested parties can go and check them out. They will always have updated posts about the schedules of upcoming events and who will take part. It is often important for them to have official websites to lessen the likelihood of misinformation going around the web.

Always make it a point to get the URL of the official website. Normally, you can find that out from relevant social media pages and you can get that from pamphlets as well.

So there you go! We’ve discussed some of the best ways on how you can better learn about the schedules of conferences. Which methods have you tried before? When it comes to finding out information and deciding on whether or not a conference is worth attending, what do you do?

More than Just Info: Four Types of Keepsakes You Get at Conferences

When it comes to attending conferences, it’s not just the knowledge that you get to walk away with. You get to have some pretty special keepsakes that are both functional and eye-catching. Today, we wanted to talk about some types of keepsakes that you get to keep when you visit conferences!

We feel this is important because the reward center of the brain should never be underestimated. Not only would there be a lot of things to learn from going to conferences—especially technological ones—but you get to have more than just knowledge to remember the event by.

Here are some of the keepsakes that you get to have if you are lucky enough to attend a technology conference:


black and white t shirts 23 2147730479 - More than Just Info: Four Types of Keepsakes You Get at Conferences

This is, by far, one of the more common keepsakes that you get to keep with you after your time at a conference. Usually, apparel is easy to produce and easy to distribute. They can come in the forms of shirts, caps, wristbands, socks, and a plethora of other things that you can wear. It will normally have the name of the conference and the date.

Or it could even have the brand name of the booth or the company that handed them out. They’re great because you can add them to your comfy home shirts and are usually pretty durable.

Tech Accessories

promotional products 694791 960 720 - More than Just Info: Four Types of Keepsakes You Get at Conferences

Who says that tech conferences are stingy with the accessories that they promote? If you’re a big fan of tech conferences you will know for a fact that tech companies like to give away something that can help people remember them fondly. They do this by giving away little accessories which come in handy.

One of our favorite forms of accessories is little USBs and little LED flashlights. These come in handy when you least expect it and they’re small enough that you can keep them on your person wherever you go.


magazine 806073 960 720 - More than Just Info: Four Types of Keepsakes You Get at Conferences

Technology conferences are always quite generous when it comes to their literature. They like to share their knowledge through promotional literature. They could be little pamphlets or can be full blown booklets that help you better understand their piece of technology and how you can make use of it to the fullest.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes - More than Just Info: Four Types of Keepsakes You Get at Conferences

This is our particular favorite! No conference is complete without a raffle! The prizes can vary but usually it is a piece of new technology like the latest phone release, latest computer, or it could even be an all expenses paid stay at a notable hotel or resort.

In the end, there are a lot of things—not just the physical keepsakes—that you get to keep that can remind you of your trip. You get to meet people who share the same interests and even get to rub elbows with some of the brightest minds in the industry that can help you realize your goals. Have you ever been to a tech conference? What sort of keepsakes did you get to bring away with you after it was done?


A Look at Application: How Does Technology Affect Daily Life?

In the world that we live in today, we would be very hard-pressed to find anyone that isn’t using technology in their day to day life. The technology that we have—both past and present—plays a significantly big part in our lives. Today, we wanted to elaborate a bit further on that idea. We wanted to see how technology affects daily life. We’re basing this off from our personal opinions so you’re free to pipe in what your thoughts are as well!

Technology Makes Medicinal Practice Increasingly More Effective

doctor working with laptop computer and writing on paperwork hospital background 1421 69 - A Look at Application: How Does Technology Affect Daily Life?

Back in the day, our medicine in general was really, really bad. It was so bad that you were sooner expected to die before you turned the age of three. The common diseases that were pretty much a death sentence are no longer as feared because our technology has enabled those that work in the field of medicine to come up with better ways to diagnose and combat the ills that have decimated us through the centuries.

Technology Makes Communication Faster and Easier

businessman talking on cell phone near business center 1150 3002 - A Look at Application: How Does Technology Affect Daily Life?

One of the biggest mysteries that a lot of youngsters wonder nowadays is how in the holy seven kingdoms din snail mail ever work—especially when the person you were writing to was overseas? In today’s world communicating with someone in a different part of the world is as easy as clicking a few buttons or tapping your screen a couple of times. The ease in which we can now communicate has also helped media get the word out about important updates that affect many people.

Technology is something that we can hardly live without. The fields of business, medicine, education, and so much more have all the tendrils of technology wrapped around it tightly. We firmly believe that technology has a lot of both positive and negative effects in our lives as a whole. However, it is up to the users to determine and strike the balance between something positive and something that affects them negatively.

How do you think technology affects daily life?

Knowledge Counts: What Can You Learn From Technology Conferences?

When it comes to finding out more things about specific fields or pieces of technology, it is a fairly safe bet that you can find out more from conferences dedicated to it. Today, we would like to take a closer look regarding what we all can actually learn from technology conferences!

Latest Pieces of Tech

two happy businessman working on laptop 23 2147839880 - Knowledge Counts: What Can You Learn From Technology Conferences?

There is no denying the fact that the field of technology is one which rapidly changes and shifts with time. We could be completely reliant on one piece of technology then find ourselves working with something that is outdated.

Technological conferences are the places where big name companies and start ups launch the latest pieces of development that they have curated. This is where they are introduced to the public and a better explanation of what they are used for is discussed.

Stronger Grasp of Technological Applications

graphic designers in a meeting 1170 2002 - Knowledge Counts: What Can You Learn From Technology Conferences?

While there are always newer pieces of technology, this does not mean to say the current pieces of technology that we have now is all outdated. They are still good but not a lot of people understand how to make the most out of them.

Technological conferences make it a point to have panels which help users better understand how a particular piece of technology is used and applied in everyday living.

When it comes to learning more about technology, it always helps to soak up the knowledge from events where it is celebrated and even the absolute focus of. Technology centered conferences happen several times a year in different places all over the world. You would be hard pressed to find a major city that does not have one since technology has a rather big part to play in our lives.

So when it comes down to it, what do you think you can learn from technology focused conferences? We’d love to hear your thoughts